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From childhood classes in drawing and painting, to Art History courses in college, Monique has been steeped in art her whole life. It wasn't until she started baking though, that she found her preferred medium


Since graduating as valedictorian of her pastry school in Paris, Monique has ceaselessly pursued excellence, working in renowned bakeries (Dominique Ansel Bakery), five star hotels (Le Bristol Paris) and multiple Michelin starred restaurants (Epicure, The French Laundry). These achievements culminated in her role as Executive Pastry Chef of gastronomic restaurant Écriture in Hong Kong, which received two Michelin stars in a record-breaking seven months after opening. 

Having noticed that the most innovative and refined pastries were reserved for the world of fine dining, Monique has been on a quest ever since, to bring that level of elegance to a more accessible setting.

Chez Momo, the intersection where art meets pastry, is therefore a direct product of her mission to disseminate beauty and cultivate love in the world. Here, you will find uniquely designed and meticulously hand crafted desserts that are sure to put a smile on at least one face

-- in short --

singular pastries. Be sure to get yours today.

       life is short
eat dessert first

Occasions & Events


Special people deserve special attention. Add a little extra love (our secret ingredient ! shhhh) to your celebrations with bespoke desserts --

tailored to the event, as well as your palate. 


Browse the gallery, and follow us on Instagram for ideas of what we can create. 

"A party without cake is just a meeting."

- Julia Child -

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remember ...
'stressed' is simply 'desserts' 
    spelled backwards 

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